Membership Forms:


Payment Options:



Check: Mail check with completed forms, or pay at check-in window during seasonal hours: 

 Delhi Swim Club c/o Membership

 PO Box 389010

 Cincinnati, OH  45238

Cash: Email to pay cash or Venmo.  Cash payments can be made at the check-in window during pool hours.

Pay Plan: 2020 Pay Plan details HEREEmail to start today.  Plans must be completed by May 1, 2020.

DSC Forms: Mail completed forms to PO Box, or fill out and email as an attachment.


*During summer hours, give completed forms to Pool Manager.  Blank forms are available at Pool Office.


The DSC board is continuing our referral program in 2020! You are our best marketing tool for our Club, so when you refer a new member, we want to thank you with a bonus!  Invite your friends and family to join us today!  Read all rules & details HERE.

2020 Referral Program:

  • Refer a New Family Membership and receive $75.00.

  • Refer a New 2-Person Membership and receive $50.00.

  • Refer a New Single Membership and receive $30.00.

  • Referral bonus not eligible with July prorate pricing or August Special discount (if available).

  • Referral bonus is paid by check in August​.


2020 Membership Options

Memberships are open to all communities, you do not need to be a Delhi resident.  For questions, info, or to tour the Club grounds, email us.  Guest information below.


*2020 Membership prices listed below include OH Sales Tax.

Bond Fee: *Required for members returning a 2nd year, optional for new members in 1st year.

  • $100.00 – Required for Full Membership; bond holders are part owners of the Club and ensures your membership for future years.  2019 first year Trial Members are required to buy  a bond, 2020 New Members the bond is optional your first year.  Full details HERE.

Family Membership:

  • $595.00 – Returning Bonded Member or Trial Family

  • A Family is 1 or 2 adults and all children under 25 living in one household.

2-Person Household Membership:

  • $395.00 – Returning Bonded Member or Trial 2-Person Household

  • A 2-Person Membership is 2 adults, or 1 adult over 18 and 1 child.  (Includes married couples and life partners)

Single Person Membership:

  • $295.00 – Returning Bonded Member or Trial Single

  • A Single Membership is 1 adult over the age of 18.


2020 Rider Add-Ons

Grandparent: Details

  • $140.00 * One grandparent only

Babysitter: Details

  • $50.00

Nanny: *fees are per child: Details

  • Children 4 & under - $50.00

  • Children 5-12 years - $100.00


2020 Guest Information:

  • $5.00 guest fee per person.

  • All guests must be accompanied with a Delhi Swim Club Member.

  • A 5-time visit is limited per guest.

  • Guests that use the grounds only are still required to pay guest fees.

  • We do not offer daily passes or walk-ins, this is a private club.

Delhi Swim Club is a Not-For-Profit, Member owned and operated private swim club.  We do not offer a daily pass to non-members, all membership options are listed above.  For membership or guest questions, please email us.


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