Rules, Regulations, & Bylaws: 

Rules & Regulations


Located at: 

202 Felicia Drive

PO Box 389010 (mailing address)

Cincinnati, OH 45238

Summer Phone: 513.471.1800


Summer Phone: (513) 471-1800


We're hiring all positions for 2022 Summer. Please fill out the application and email it to us when completed and we will contact you.

Please contact us with questions, requests, employment information, or to tour the grounds.

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2022 Board of Trustees

  1. PRESIDENT: Nikki Servizzi

  2. VICE PRESIDENT: Mike Bizaillon

  3. TREASURER: Rick Veid

  4. SECRETARY: Tim Ernst

  5. GROUNDS & MAINTENANCE Chair: Bill Eckhoff

  6. POOL MAINTENANCE Chair: Doug Newland

  7. SWIM & DIVE TEAM Chair: Ashley Hiett

  8. IT Chair: Phil Rolfes

  9. MARKETING Chair: LaDonna Althawadi

  10. ACTIVITIES Chair: Jessice Lothes

  11. FUNDRAISING Chair: Jarred Smith

  12. SPONSORSHIP Chair: Craig Brown

  13. TRUSTEE: Jamie Schwertman, Administrative

  14. TRUSTEE: Brian Everett; Pool & Grounds Maint.

  15. TRUSTEE: Pat Doyle; Pool & Grounds Maint.

Delhi Swim Club’s story

The Delhi Swim Club (DSC) opened in 1959 as a Not-for-Profit private Swim Membership Club for the recreation of its members and their families.  DSC is owned by the Bond Members and run by a Board of Trustees.   All Bond Members can vote, share ideas, and run for office for a Board Position. 

We strive to provide fun and enjoyment for all ages.  DSC offers activities, large grounds, a main pool and baby pool, and a safe environment for kids, families, and friends to be together.

We want to thank our Board of Trustees and Club Members for their work and time to make Delhi Swim Club the best home away from home on the West Side.