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Members will be asked to sign a Covid-19 waiver for the season (1 per family)

MAIN POOL: We are allowed to have 50% of  people in the pool at a time.  This means instead of 195 people allowed, we're limited to 97 people in the water.  Because swim time is limited, adult swim may be regulated and not offered depending on how busy the club is.


BABY POOL: The baby pool area will be limited to 50% capacity per social distancing guidelines.  Baby pool toys will not be provided by the Club for the 2020 season. 

ENTRANCE & EXIT: We're required to have a separate entrance and exit.  When entering, please use the breezeway as usual.  When leaving the club, please leave through the gate.

CABANAS: Per the state of Ohio, we cannot offer cabana rentals because we are not allowed to have groups of more than 10 people.  If the policy changes during the season, we will let you know immediately.  Cabanas will have half the amount of tables in them.


SWIM LESSONS: We are unable to offer Swim Lessons in June.  If the rules change, we plan to offer them in mid-July

GUESTS FEES & LIMITS: We are limited to the number of people in the pool and grounds, so to start the season, we are only allowing guests on Mon-Thursday, and not the weekends.  This allows us to keep the crowds low on the weekends.  Guest fees remain at $5 per person, and the same guest is limited to a maximum 5 visits to the Club.  Guest rules subject to change depending on Ohio restrictions and Covid-19 infection rates.

SNACK BAR: To prevent any cross contamination, we will only serve pre-packaged foods.  Hot dogs, pretzels, and several other items will not be offered.  If the rules are relaxed during the summer, we will offer our regular menu.

LOUNGES & SEATING: Chairs and lounges will be staggered every other chair to follow the 6 foot rule.  If possible, please bring your own chairs to prevent any contamination.  If you use a pool chair or lounge, please wipe it down before and after use.  Cleaning equipment will be available at the check-in window.

LOST & FOUND: Please be extra careful to bring your supplies home.  We will hold forgotten items for 48 hours, and we'll do facebook posts to remind you to of the items in there.  

We apologize for the inconveniences this has caused.  We are mandated by the state to follow specific guidelines, and we will update them as things change and make sure to let you know.  Rules will be posted in the breezeway.

Please be respectful of your fellow members and follow the rules.  Treat DSC like you would your own backyard: pick up the trash, take home your belongings, respect those around you and in the community, and practice social distancing as needed.

Our goal is to provide a clean, safe, and fun summer for all our members.  This is difficult to navigate for our Board and Staff, so please be patient with us.  If you have a problem, please speak with the General Manager or Manager on Duty.  


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