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Sand Volleyball

2021 Teams
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DSC 2021 Volleyball Flyer & Sign Up Form
2021 Schedule
August 1
2 PM: 
3 PM: 
4 PM: 

August 8
2 PM: 
3 PM:  
4 PM:  

August 15
3 PM:
4 PM: 
July 11
2 PM: 
3 PM: 
4 PM: 

July 18
2 PM: 
3 PM: 
4 PM: 

July 25
2 PM: 
3 PM: 
4 PM: 

Email Delhi Swim Club:

  • To submit team info.

  • If you want to be a sub.

  • If you can't make it and need a sub.

  • If your team needs to cancel.

  • For volleyball league questions,

Volleyball Rules

  • Games are Sunday afternoons and evenings

  • Times based on number of teams

  • 1st & 2nd games are played to a score of 21, win by 2, cap at 30.

    • 3rd game (if necessary) played to 15 (cap 21)​

  • Rally scoring

  • Tournament Scoring: Best 2 out of 3

  • ServingHome team serves 1st and 3rd game first

  • Home team is the team on the left on the schedule

  • Non serving team, must rotate before their 1st serve

  • This is a co-ed league; each team has 3 men and 3 women on the court.

    • You can have more women on the court but no more than 3 men.

  • Members are responsible for forming their own team of 6+ players.

  • If you need help setting up a team, email us and we’ll try our best to help.

  • If interested in subbing only, let us know. We’ll contact you when needed.

  • If a game is rained out, you will be notified, and we will try our best to reschedule.

  • Each team will have a captain. The captain is responsible for letting teammates know game times or cancellations.

  • No ref fees. We play by the honor system and keep our own score


For Player Safety

  • Please stay out of the net when possible.

  • Please try not go under the net while playing in the front row.