Sand Volleyball

2020 Teams
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  1. Team Ernst: Tim E, Tony S, Mike B, Valerie S, Lauren G, Susan H, Ang S; Sub Ann B, Bruce H
  2. Team Musonza: Emily M, Sara M, Laura S, Jarrod M, Nate M, Craig B

  3. Team Everett: Brian E, Mike W, Jessica W....

  4. Team HagemanKati, Dee, Laura R, Justin, Ben, Pat D, Mary D, RaNita M, Norm, Dan H
  5. Team Servizzi: Brian S, Jason D, Mike N, Nikki S, Rebecca D, Amanda N
  6. Team Lively: Shannon L, Tina L, Jennie T, Debbit T, Dan T, Jerry D, Josh B, Brian L
2020 Schedule
August 23
2 PM: Everett VS Servizzi
3 PM: Ernst VS Hageman
4 PM: Musonza VS Lively
August 30
1:00 PM (rescheduled): Ernst VS Lively
2 PM: Musonza VS Hageman
3 PM:  Everett VS Lively
4 PM:  Ernst VS Servizzi
August 2
2 PM: Ernst VS Musonza
3 PM: Everett VS Hageman
4 PM: Servizzi VS Lively
August 9
2 PM: Hageman VS Servizzi
3 PM: Ernst VS Lively
4 PM: Musonza VS Everett
August 16
2 PM: Hageman VS Lively
3 PM: Musonza VS Servizzi
4 PM: Ernst VS Everett

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  • To submit team info.

  • If you want to be a sub.

  • If you can't make it and need a sub.

  • If your team needs to cancel.

  • For volleyball league questions,

DSC Volleyball Rules

  •  All players must be DSC Members.

  • Games are Sunday afternoons and evenings; times based on number of teams.

  • Games are played to a score of 21, you do not need to win by 2

  • This is a co-ed league, each team has 3 men and 3 women on the court.

    • You can have more than 3 women on the court at a time, but no more than 3 men.

  • Members are responsible for forming their own team of 6+ players.

    • If you need help setting up a team, email us and we'll help you.

    • If interested in subbing only, let us know.  We'll contact you when needed.

  • If game is rained out you will be notified and it will be rescheduled.

  • Each team will have a captain.  The captain is responsible for letting teammates know game times or cancellations.

  • No Referee Fees. We play by the honor system and keep our own scores.



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